Ufone SMS Packages 2019
Ufone SMS Packages 2019

Ufone always tries to make their customers happy by offering the best and cheap Ufone SMS Packages 2019. You can subscribe to Ufone SMS Package Daily, Ufone SMS Weekly Package, Ufone SMS Package 15 Days and Ufone SMS Package Monthly.

Ufone provides the best SMS Packages to their customer with quality service. They also provide a high amount of SMS in the Ufone SMS Packages.

Those who chat through SMS, Ufone SMS Packages are the best for them, and I would recommend to buy or port-in your existence sim to Ufone network and enjoy the best ever SMS Packages of Ufone Network.

Also, the Ufone SMS Packages are very easy and cheap among all other networks. They charge a very affordable price for all their SMS Packages.

If you want to subscribe to Ufone SMS Packages, you can dial 100 from your mobile. Also, you can subscribe to all Ufone SMS Packages by sending SMS according to below methods.

As mentioned above, the Ufone by itself claims that they offer the best and unbeatable Ufone SMS Packages 2019 to their customers in lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan.

Ufone SMS Packages 2019:

I am mentioning all the Ufone SMS Packages 2019 below:

  • Ufone SMS Package Daily
  • Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package
  • Ufone SMS Weekly Package
  • Ufone Fortnightly (14 Days) SMS Package
  • Ufone SMS Package Monthly
  • Ufone Yearly SMS Package
  • Ufone Night SMS Package
  • Ufone Uth FNF SMS Package

I am now explaining in detail that how to subscribe to all above Ufone SMS packages 2019 and their charges and duration.


Ufone SMS Packages 2019
Ufone SMS Packages 2019

Ufone SMS Package Daily:

Subscription ChargesRs 3.99 + tax
No. of Free SMS1,500
Validity24 Hrs
SMS ‘Sub’ to605

Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package:

Subscription ChargesRs. 2 + tax
No. of Free SMS500
Validity24 Hours
SMS ‘Sub’ to611

Ufone SMS Package Weekly:

You can follow below steps for how to subscribe Ufone weekly SMS package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs. 10 + tax
No. of Free SMS1200
Validity07 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to608

Ufone SMS Package 15 Days:

Now, I am showing you that how to subscribe to Ufone 15 Days SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs 30 + tax
No. of Free SMS10,000
Validity14 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to603

Ufone SMS Package Monthly:

Here, I will show you how to subscribe to Ufone Monthly SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs. 80 + tax
No. of Free SMS20,000
Validity30 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to607

Ufone 45 Day SMS Package:

Here is How to subscribe to Ufone 45 Day SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs.99 + tax
No. of Free SMS30,000
Validity45 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to614

Ufone SMS Package Yearly:

I am showing you How to subscribe to Ufone Yearly SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs. 666 + tax
No. of Free SMS*Unlimited
ValidityOne Year
SMS ‘Sub’ to601
* Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply

Ufone Night SMS Package:

How to subscribe to Ufone Night SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs 1+tax
No. of Free SMS300
Validity8 Hrs (12 am to 8 am)
SMS ‘Sub’ to609

Ufone Uth SMS Package:

How to subscribe to Ufone Uth SMS Package 2019.

Subscription ChargesRs. 5 + tax
No. of Free SMSUnlimited
Validity30 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to604

How to Subscribe Ufone SMS Packages 2019:

Step 1: Go to Message and Write “Sub”

Step 2: Send to the specified code for every package in the above tables.

How to UnSubscribe Ufone SMS Packages 2019:

To unsubscribe Ufone package, just write in message “Unsub” and send it to 506.

If you know any other Ufone SMS Packages or if there is any package which doesn’t work, comment below.

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