Zong SMS Packages 2019
Zong SMS Packages 2019

Do you want to chat with your friends using SMS? Then I am here with the full list of all the Zong SMS Packages daily, weekly, 15 days, and Monthly both Prepaid/Postpaid.

Following is the List of All SMS Packages of Zong:

Zong Daily SMS Packages Prepaid:

Zong Zulu SMS PackageRs. 2.50+Tax500 SMS All Networks1 DayDial *704#

Unsub to 704

Zong Daily SMS+WhatsAppRs. 3.99+Tax500 SMS All Networks+30MB for WhatsApp1 DayDial *700#

Unsub to 700

Zong Full Gup PackageRs. 5+Tax100 SMS All Networks + 30 MB WhatsApp1 DayDial 118*1#

Unsub to 1181

Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs. 8+Tax10000 On-Net Mins+500 SMS All Networks1 Day (Mins/SMS Valid for 6AM-6PM)Dial *666#

Unsub to 666111

Zong Flutter PackageRs. 8+Tax100 SMS All Networks+90 On-Net Mins1 DayDial *369#

Unsub to 369

Zong Hello PackageRs. 8+Tax100 On-net Mins + 100 SMS All Networks + 50 MB for FB Only1 Day*2200*1#

Unsub to 4952

Zong Shandaar Daily PackageRs. 8+TaxUnlimited On-net Mins + 800 SMS All Networks + 50 MB1 DayDial *999#

Unsub Details N/A

Zong Perfect PackageRs. 12+Tax10000 On-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+40 MB1 Day (On-net Mins+40 MB Valid b/w 10PM – 7PM)Dial *118*2#

Unsub to 7171

If you want to enjoy Zong SMS Package on Weekly Basis, then here is the list of Weekly SMS Packages of Zong.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages Prepaid:

Zong gives you the amazing offers to enjoy Weekly SMS Packages at affordable charges, please find the Packages below:

Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 250 (Incl. Tax)1500 On-net+100 Off-net Mins, 1500 SMS All Networks+1.5GB7 DaysDial *70#Unsub weekly250 to 6464
Zong All-In-1 Weekly BundleRs. 150+Tax700On-net+40 Off-net Mins, 700 SMS All Networks, 700MB7 DaysDial *6464# > 4 > 1 To Unsub dial *6464#
Zong Shandaar Weekly PackageRs. 90+Tax500 On-net+40 Off-net Mins, 500 SMS All Networks, 500MB7 DaysDial *7# Offer will expire at Midnight Automatically
Zong Weekly SMS BundleRs. 14+Tax1500 SMS All Networks+250MB7 Days (250MB Valid for WhatsApp Only)Dial *702# or Unsub to 700

Zong also offers 15 Days Zong SMS Packages, If you want to subscribe to SMS Packages for 15 days instead of daily or weekly SMS packages. Then the following list is for you.

Zong 15 Days SMS Package:

ChargesRs. 50
How to ActivateSMS ‘sub’ to 700
How to deactivateSMS ‘unsub’ to 700
Package Validity15 Days

If you are more efficient Zong SMS user, then you can also subscribe to the Monthly SMS Packages of Zong. These Packages are given below:

Zong Monthly SMS Packages Prepaid:

PackageFREE On-net MinutesFREE Off-net MinutesFREE SMSFREE Internet MBSSubscribe/
Price & Validity
Zong Monthly SMS+WhatsApp Package500 SMS per day for 30 Days30MBs per day for 30 DaysDial
to 700
30 Days/Rs. 50+Tax
Zong Shandaar Monthly100010010001000Dial
unsub Mahana
to 7091
30 Days/Rs. 300+Tax
Zong ALL-IN-1 (Monthly)150015015001500Dial
*6464# >4>2
30 Days / Rs. 385 (Incl. Tax)
Zong Supreme Offer300030030003000Dial
unsub 750
to 6464
30 Days / Rs. 615.52 (Incl. Tax)
Zong Supreme Plus Offer800060080008000Dial
30 Days / Rs. 1155 (Incl. Tax)
Zong Monthly Power Pack 50010005010002500Dial
for (Available Resources)
30 Days / Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax)
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000200015015005000*1313#
Dial *102#
for Available Resources
30 Days / Rs. 1000 (Incl. Tax)

If you don’t want to subscribe Zong SMS Packages for just a month and want to use SMS Packages of Zong uninterruptedly, then you have been given 3 Months SMS Package by Zong.

Zong 3 Months SMS Package Prepaid:

PackageOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesFREE SMSInternet MBsSub/
Charges / Validity
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500800020030008000*1313#
Dial *102#
for Available Resources
3 Months / Rs. 1500 (Incl. Tax)

Zong Special SMS Packages Prepaid:

Not only Daily, Weekly and Monthly packages, Zong also offers some specially designed SMS bundles for its users with other incentives, that last same day till midnight. Please find the details below:

PackageChargesSMSOther incentivesOffer
(Not Applicable)
Sub codeUnsub
Perfect Package12+Tax500Unlimited on-net min, 40MB7PM to 10PM*118*2#Unsub to 7171
Full Gup5+Tax10075 on-net min, 30MB for WhatsAppN/A118*1#Unsub to 1181
Sixer Plus8+Tax500Unlimited On-net min6PM – 6AM*666#Unsub to 666111
Hello8+Tax100100 on-net min, 50MB for FacebookN/A*2200*1#Unsub to 4952
Flutter8+Tax10090 on-net minN/A*369#Unsub to 369
  • All the above-mentioned packages will be valid till midnight.

Zong Postpaid SMS Packages Details:

Quantity & MonthChargesHow to activateUnSub Method
300Rs. 25*567#“UnSub” to 700
700Rs. 50*567#“UnSub” to 700
UnlimitedRs. 90*567#“UnSub” to 700
Zong SMS Packages 2019
Zong SMS Packages 2019

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