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How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification Trick

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Bypass Facebook Photo Verification 2024 Trick

The trick for how to bypass facebook photo verification, identify photos of friends, hourly limit exceeded error?

Now no more photo Tags verifications.

Verify Facebook account in 4-5 easy steps latest 2024 trick.

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Now you can bypass facebook photo verification and photo tag by below trick.

If you don’t want to read the complete article just go down and watch the video at the end of this article to understand easily.

Facebook is just like a life partner for us and we don’t want to lose our FB accounts.

If you are facing a problem with photo tag verification like “identify photos of friends hourly limit exceeded” then you are lucky enough that you are here and you need no more wait to bypass facebook photo verification, now bypass it with a proxy of Japan as described in detail below the latest 2024 trick.

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How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification
How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

This trick is still working 100% but if it gets banned by Facebook then just inform us so that we update the trick consequently as we do not check proxy all time but MPTricks care its valuable visitors to have 100% working tips and tricks in their hand.

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Just apply the below simple steps to bypass facebook photo verification with Japanese proxy trick 2024.

The Steps are also given in the form of pictures. If you still have trouble solving the problem then ask for assistance.

Don’t miss any step otherwise you will not bypass facebook photo verification in 2024.

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Facebook Confirm Identity Bypass 2024 Step by Step:

Open Firefox and configure proxy and port as given below:

Bypass photo tag proxy: Port 3128

Bypass Fb Photo Verification1

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If given proxy and port do not work then visit Proxynova.com and grab a new proxy from Japan to bypass facebook photo verification in 2024.

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Now Go to (m.facebook.com) and do login. “visit only (m.facebook.com) otherwise it may not work properly”.

Now Simply bypass facebook photo verification by following the easiest 2024 trick step by step and you are done.

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Bypass Fb Photo Verification3

Bypass Fb Photo Verification4

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Bypass Fb Photo Verification5

Bypass Fb Photo Verification6

Bypass Fb Photo Verification7


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  1. now facebook want you to send them a photo of to verify your account but when you send them the photo they still disable your account, can you find a way to bypass it?

  2. 100% working 2018 Facebook photo identity verification with proof with in 06 to 10 minutes yes that is correct.
    No need to send your ID or personal photo. Its latest retina based concept never explored.
    Its a kind of bug in facebook server.

  3. a motherload of thanks from me. dang fb keeps losing it every week. i deactivated my first id and made another one just to avoid trolls and it still asked for a pic after email and 2fa. thanks to your vid i’m finally able to make another id and i’m now using it with ivacy vpn to avoid local trolls to get my friendship suggestions based on demographics.

  4. Did not add an number in the account hence can’t verify with phone number. Still asking for photo ID. Got any other tricks?

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