About every one of us has heard about the Android rooting cellphones. Even if the answer is Yes or No.

It will not matter, as, by the time you complete study this content, you would get easily knowledgeable about android rooting and the methods of How to Root Android Mobile Without Computer/PC.

Developers use several tricks from their mind to root android mobile without computer/pc.

Here we’re pointing out all new working methods to root android mobile without computer/pc need.

But prior to you get to know how to root android mobile without computer/pc, you’ve to acknowledge what android rooting is and how much effectual it can be.

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What is Rooting? (The main Question):

Android is an Operating System (i.e. open source OS) where you will not be having full or complete root access to do several functions on your smartphone.

Rooting is an operation where one could cross all over the restrictions and get full access to the Operating System.

At present, this rooting would avail one to get access to the root of the OS and yet allow the basic power to make global changes.

There are several ways exists to root your android mobile without computer/pc easily.

We have also shared a few of the best new working methods to root android mobile without computer/pc.

Our tricks to root android mobile without computer/pc is perfectly working for almost any of the device.

We have too shared a few of the rooted android without computer/pc applications (apk) in this content.

Do study all the statements cautiously prior to rooting your android mobile without computer/pc.

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Advantages of Android Rooting:

One of the greatest advantages to rooting android mobile without computer/pc is having free and rich internal storage.

Yes! Someones often struggle on low internal storage, but through rooting their phone, they can transfer any apps from the internal memory to the SD card.

Moreover, you’d be able to use the latest and current Android (OS) operating system.

Just because you rooted your android mobile without computer/pc, it would allow you with the option to setup up any future and current operating system by simply installing the custom and tailor-made ROM.

The most powerful and winsome benefit to root android mobile without computer/pc is the ability to customize ROM.

There are 1000s of custom and qualitative ROMs which can avail in acting several things right from speeding up the processing power of your Mobile Phone to modifying the overall options, looks and feel of the cellphone.

Isn’t that interesting? Another exciting advantage of root android mobile without computer/pc is that you can run different special apps.

You could easily install a variety of apps which are compatible with the rooted cellphones only.

You can also easily uninstall various unimportant (pre-installed) system apps after you have root accessed by simply using the uninstall option.

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Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

One of the greatest disadvantages of rooting android mobile without computer/pc is that you could wind up voiding the warranty of the phone.

That’s why some people avoid it. To root means getting your phone bricked (in some cases) is the most common disadvantage of using the rooting operation.

Regardless how a good expert or best you are in using the best tutorial in rooting, there’s to be sure that it is simply just a dashing task.

So, in case if you pass out any step or flash the corrupt zip file, so you can be dismissed or bricked smartphone.

Now if you read all the advantages and disadvantages of rooting android mobile without pc and you still want to root your mobile then proceed to below steps.

Basic Requirements:

Before going through the rooting process, please be sure you have the following requirements.

  • The device in ON position.
  • At least 50% battery charge level.
  • Fast Internet Access (Wi-Fi network Recommended).
  • Allow for installation of apps from unknown sources in the setting.

Root Android Mobile Without Computer/PC Step by Step

Step 1: Simply Download KingoRoot.apk:

You can instantly download this apk file to your Android Phone by clicking the link above and so install it.


If your browser has warned you about KingoRoot.apk, click “OK” to carry on.


If you are viewing this article from your computer then you can also download KingoRoot.apk on Computer/PC,

Copy it to your Android Phone and then open the file via File Explorer and install it.


Step 2: Install KingoRoot.apk on your Android Device.

If you didn’t mark “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security, so during installation, you’ll get a prompter “Install blocked”, pointing out that “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps coming from unknown sources”.

So, see the instructions and go with them to install Kingo Root apk on your Mobile.

Step 3: Open “Kingo ROOT” app and begin rooting.

Kingo Root is very easy and user-friendly to use. Click on “One Click Root” to proceed the rooting action.


Step 4: Wait for a couple of seconds until the result screen appear.


Step 5: Succeeded or unsuccessful.



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