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How to Develop Android Apps without Coding

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What…??? Develop Android Apps without Coding? Yes!!! Now you can create Android apps without any programming skill or coding in just 5 minutes.

What are we going to Learn?

In this article, I will show you that how to build an android app without coding in 5 minutes.

If you don’t want to read the complete article, just scroll down and watch video given at the end of this article to save your time and to understand more easily.

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Is it Possible to Make Android Apps without Coding?

NO!!! No one can create or develop an Android app without coding. But I will show you that how to generate coding itself for your desired Android application.

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How to Build Android Apps without Coding?

So this is the main part of this article to know that How to Develop Android Apps without Coding in 5 minutes.

Steps to Develop Android Apps Without Coding:

To develop Android apps without coding just follow these steps and keep building Android applications without coding.

Step 1:

Go to AppsGeyser Website. You will see a page like this.

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Step 2:

Click on Create Now! Button as shown below.


Step 3:

Now there are a lot of Pre-defined templates that you can use; I am showing you popular ones. You can click on any of the following you like to develop an Android app without coding.


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Step 4:

In my case, I clicked on the Website. Now it asks about my Website URL.


Step 5:

After entering your Website click on Next button. You will be asked to enter an attractive name for your Android applications and then go Next.

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Step 6:

Now you will be asked to write the description for your android application. Write a short description and click

Step 7:

Upload your Android Application icon and go next.


Step 8:

Now finally, You are done. Just Click on Create Button.

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Step 9:

Your Android application is developed without any coding. Now you need to signup for an account with easy steps.


Step 10:

Now go to your e-mail inbox and check for a mail regarding verifying your e-mail. Open that mail and click on VERIFY YOUR EMAIL button.


Step 11:

After clicking VERIFY YOUR EMAIL button, you will be redirected to a page. Now click on “Go to Dashboard” button and you will get Download Links for your android app.


Step 12:

Now click on the download link as shown below and your application will be downloaded.


Now you are ready to use it on any Android Mobile.

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Watch below video to understand more easily.

So these were some easy steps for you to understand that How to Develop Android apps without Coding in 5 Minute.

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